MAXZOLA INC Luminous Night Golf Balls Long Lasting Reusable Bright Night Glow Golf Ball Rechargeable by Sun light Flashlight (uv Flashlight Included) Easy to Golf 3, 6,12,18 count or 24 count


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Manufacturer Description

Best Night Golf Balls for Great Golfer and joy of night sports

Easy to use it:
Maxzola night golf balls are very easy to golf with. It just keeps glowing in the dark.
Just place these balls outdoor to absorb sunlight?one or some hours) or charge these balls with UV Flashlight(one included) for one minute at most before golfing.

Better than LED balls in performance and feel truer.
You could paly Maxzola Golf Balls over and over again. These are Fluorescent Night Golf Balls which are rechargeable by Sunlight or our UV flashlight(included).
For LED balls, you need to hit it strongly to activate the LED light. For MAXZOLA Night Golf Balls,it just glows in the dark without any swing.

By recharging for several minutes, it will glow for 10 minutes. If you place them in the sunshine, it will glow much longer at night.
The best way to recharge the golf balls is just put them under the sunshine. If you want to get a the better performance, you could recharge them with the uv flashlight for just one minute.

Rechargeable Night Golf Balls (3,6,12,18 or 24 count by choice)
One UV Flashlight
PS: You do not need to buy the single flashlight, because it is included with the golf balls.

New Updated Version Night Golf Balls
Brand: MAXZOLA INC. (From local US)
MAXZLA golf balls are real golf balls that look, feel, and perform like regular golf balls. With official size and weight.
Diameter: Approx. 4.3cm/ 1.69"
·Weight:Approx 45g
·Material:rubber+colophony·Mimics feel and drive power of daytime golf balls
·Activates under UV light or sunlight
·Compression core and soft, urethane skin
·Drives further and feel truer than LED balls. It brings great fun for playing night golf.

Product Features

?BEST NIGHT GOLF BALLS AND EASY TO PLAY AT NIGHT - MAXZOLA Fluorescent Night Golf Balls which is reusable and rechargeable by Sunlight or our UV flashlight(included). MAXZOLA night golf ball just glows in the dark without any swing. It could naturally absorbs the energy of light and glows long in dark. It glows much longer and brighter than you could expect. Easy to go and get the Bright and Luminous balls ?GREAT DURABILITY AND FOR RECYCLING USE - Utilizing a full compression core and a soft, urethane skin, our Fluorescent Night Golf Balls are able to absorb natural sunlight or flashlight. Standard Ball Diameter and weight: Approx. 4.3 cm/1.69" ; Weight: 45 g/1.6 oz; Color of shell: White; 3 count, 6 count, 12 count, 18 count, 24 count for your choice. ?RECHARGEABLE AND DOUBLE-WAY CHARGING - You could recharge MAXZOLA night golf balls over and over again with the UV flashlight. The better way is to put them in the sun for hours. Ideal for night golfing and a perfect gift for friends, families or all professional golfers. ?GREAT PERFORMANCE - Recharged by UV flashlight for just one or two minutes, it will glow for 10 minutes. The best way is to place them under the sunshine, it then will glow much longer at night. It will bring you great fun of playing night golf.Use for night golfing, day golfing, or just to add some fun to a round of golf. A very beautiful scenery at the golf park,an brilliant and elegant show add more fun to golf sports. Easy to find it in the dark with its glowing light. ?SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren't satisfied with our Maxzola golf balls, please return them within 30 days for a full, no questions asked refund.

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